Boat TourGourmet Trek offers culinary tours of several Bay area neighborhoods, from downtown Dunedin to Ybor. Buy a surprisingly inexpensive ticket ($45 for most of the tours) and a local guide will take you on a long walk through the area, with a little history of the area, a little info on the current dining scene, and stops at five or six local restaurants to sample their fare.In Dunedin, the current tour will take you to Bon Appetit, Sea Sea Riders, Cappucinos, Casa tina, Cafe al Fresco and Pan Y Vino. Tours take between 3 and 1/2 to 4 hours.

The tours were started by Anita Gary,

a PR and marketing professional who decided to change her course after some health issues. “I needed to reevaluate my life and try to incorporate things I love and never had a chance to do,” says Gary. “I love eating out and love wine and smapling wine, and thought ‘what a great thing to do to offer something like this.'”

Centro YborAs of now, Gourmet Trek offers tours in downtown Dunedin, Soho, Ybor, Channelside/Harbor Island and downtown Sarasota. Gary plans to extend the repertoire to other areas, as well as offer culinary trips to places like Italy, special dinners at newly opened restaurants, and tours that concentrate more on drinks than food.

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